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As a full-service engineering and design firm, SECo's dedicated and skilled engineering team has a great quantity of experience in developing and commissioning numerous types of Substation and Switchyard projects. Our project teams consistently completed custom designed projects within budget and on schedule for a multitude of clients. SECo is a full-service proven leader of Substation Engineering packages, including concept design, economic evaluations, physical design, civil/structural engineering, ground grid design and equipment specifications.

SECo is one electrical substation engineering company that is committed to excellence of high-quality services using a unique combination of internal and strategic external resources equipped with deep experience that is ideally suited to the engineering and design of power substations. We value long-term relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations. We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects expeditiously and safely.

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Service Offerings

Relay Design

  • Functional Single Line Diagram

  • Relay Control Panel Layout

  • Point-to-Point Wiring Diagram

Equipment Specification

  • Remote /Network Terminal Unit

  • Substation Communications Networking

  • IED Hardware

  • Transformer/Breaker Monitoring

Relay Settings & Engineering

  • Fault Studies

  • Coordination Studies

  • Control Logic

  • Relay Communications Networks

  • Transformer/Transmission/Bus/Generation & Feeder Protection Engineering Designs

Equipment Evaluation

  • HMI

  • Substation Automation

  • Remote Input/Output

  • Data Concentrators



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