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SECo is proud to offer Transmission Planning and Power Systems Studies services. SECo has extensive utility-grade and high-voltage grid experience with planning, operating and maintaining bulk power systems. We offer a variety of transmission planning and system studies services to assist utilities in compliance with applicable NERC, Regional Reliability Organization (RRO), industry and client standards. Our engineers have extensive experience in generation interconnect processes and offer third-party independent evaluation services for utilities and generation developers

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Service Offerings

Power System Studies

  • Contingency Analysis

  • P-V Analysis

  • Reliability Analysis

  • Short Circuit Analysis

  • Economic Analysis

  • Transmission Service Request

  • Thermal/Voltage Analysis

  • Maintenance Outage Evaluations

Generation Interconnection Evaluation

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Renewable Generation Integration

  • System Impact Studies

Interface Evaluation

  • Total Transfer Capability (TTC) Analysis

Technology & System Analysis

  • Power World

  • CAPE


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