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Emerging technological advances coupled with stringent regulatory compliance requirements create an increasingly complex Grid engineering landscape. SECo has a distinguished history in providing Relay Protection & Control engineering services to the Power Systems industry. SECo prides itself on its proven performance quality and earned customer trust in providing Protection and Control engineering services.

The SECo quality control and assurance processes ensure SECo personnel are armed and proficient with the most up-to-date training, tools, resources and knowledge of customer and industry relay protection and control engineering procedures and standards. SECo prides itself on active listening to the customer, while providing and delivering the best engineering services possible with an expectation of exceeding our customers’ Relay Protection & Control needs. As a matter of corporate policy, all SECo Relay Protection & Control designs adhere to our customers’ most stringent requirements, while utilizing IEEE standards and manufacturers’ equipment recommendations
as foundations.

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Service Offerings

Relay Design

  • Functional Single Line Diagram

  • Relay Control Panel Layout

  • Point-to-Point Wiring Diagram

Equipment Specification

  • Remote /Network Terminal Unit

  • Substation Communications Networking

  • IED Hardware

  • Transformer/Breaker Monitoring

Relay Settings & Engineering

  • Fault Studies

  • Coordination Studies

  • Control Logic

  • Relay Communications Networks

  • Transformer / Transmission / Bus Generation & Feeder Protection Engineering Designs

Equipment Evaluation

  • HMI

  • Substation Automation

  • Remote Input/Output

  • Data Concentrators

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