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SECo provides an experienced team for LiDAR scanning and cloud processing services.  SECo’s team is experienced with the use of Leica products including scanner RTC360s and GPS GG04 including associated Leica software, Zeno Mobile, Register 360 and Field 360.

Improve Design Quality -  The point clouds provide a highly accurate representation of the scanned areas including GPS coordinates on the state plan.  This ensures physical drawings are accurate to the field conditions during construction and ensures transmission line connections to the substation are exact.

Added Value - Integrated with the SECo substation and transmission line engineering teams to ensure high quality point clouds meeting engineering requirements.

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Service Offerings

LiDAR Services

  • Internal LiDAR resources and teaming agreements 

  • Collection and point cloud consolidation / clean-up services

  • Survey Grade GPS equipment

  • As-built model creation

LiDAR Equipment

  • Leica RTC 360 Scanner

  • Leica Field 360 Software

  • Cyclone 360 Software

  • GG04 GPS System and Target Poles


  • Autodesk Inventor

  • AutoCAD Electrical

  • Autodesk Vault

  • Spatial Business Systems Substation Design Suite plugin for Physical

3D Modeling Services

  • Substation 3D Modeling 

  • Workflow and library development

  • Model development for all voltage levels and all BUS configurations 

  • 3D model overlays of new and existing facilities

  • Create standardized drawings

ACADE/SDS Services

  • Automated wiring diagrams

  • Standard drawings

  • workflows and library development 

  • Wiring automation

  • Spatial Business Systems Substation Design Suite P&C Substation

  • Leica Cyclone Register 360

  • Leica Field 360

  • Xeno Mobile

LiDAR & 3D Modeling 

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