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As a full-service engineering and design firm, SECo's dedicated and skilled engineering team has a vast amount of experience in developing and commissioning numerous types of substation and switch yard projects. Our project teams have consistently completed custom designed projects within budget and on schedule for a multitude of clients. SECo is a full-service proven leader of substation engineering packages, including concept design, economic evaluations, physical design, civil/structural engineering, ground grid design and equipment specifications.

SECo is one electrical substation engineering company that is committed to excellence of high-quality services using a unique combination of internal and strategic external resources equipped with deep experience that is ideally suited to the engineering and design of power substations. We value long-term relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations. We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects expeditiously and safely.

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Service Offerings

Substation Engineering

  • Concept Design

  • Substation Physical Design

  • Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) Design

  • Grounding Design

  • Bus Design

  • Lightning Protection

  • Equipment  Specifications 

  • Civil Design

  • Structural Design

  • Protection & Control Design

  • System Studies and Analysis 

  • Wiring Design

  • SCADA Design

  • Reactive Power Compensation Systems

  • Substation 3D modelling

  • Optimization

  • Structural & Foundation Design

  • Material & Construction Specification

  • Material Procurement

  • Contract Administration

  • Permit Assistance

  • Standards Development

Portfolio Highlights

Multi-Year 500/230/69 kV Substation Upgrade (Example)


Description of Project

Portfolio Highlights

230-69 kV Greenfield Substation Upgrade

State: Pennsylvania

Engineering design for construction of a greenfield 230-69kV substations. Both substations had two 230-69kV transformers, double bus-double breaker configuration for the 230kV portion of the yard, and breaker and a half configuration for the 69kV portion of the yard.

  • Two (2), 170MVA, 230-69kV Power Transformers

  • Two (2) Station Service Transformers

  • Four (4) 230kV, 3000A Circuit Breakers

  • Eight (8) 69kV, Circuit Breakers (6-2000A, 2-3000A)

  • Ten (10) Motor Operated Disconnect Switches

  • Fourteen (14) Manually Operated Disconnect Switches

  • CCVTs, PTs, and Surge Arresters

  • Six (6) Dead End Structures, A Frame

  • Ten (10) Dead End Structures H Frame

  • Disconnect, Bus Support, CCVT, PT, and surge arrester structures

  • Design for new Control House and relay panels, ac and dc distribution panels, relays etc.

  • Trench and Conduit

  • Yard Grounding

  • Yard lighting and lightning protection

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